Where am I

15 08 2012

I smelled the rain and wanted to know more
I let the sun inside, to tempt my core
I let the water flow between my toes
I felt my ways of doing things enclosed

I wrote a letter to my God, in strife,
I asked another ways to go in life.
He looked at me and negatively nodded in dismay
What could i do?… I lied and went on anyway

I cheated and mislead myself, wanting to fly
Estrange from my own ways, I touched the sky
But only I can say the weight of my own pride
The pains of flying with fake passport, n’or a guide

Sinner I am, I knew my gift
But stubbornly I reject it and had a… drift.
I put my lips and tasted others food’s
And known the sour-sweet ways of deludes

I wanted to try so many ways, to top,
To walk on each of them and score!
I didn’t see… this ways delayed me ’till stop
‘Cause were a thousand ways… and more

I wanted to know nothing, so I died
Experienced the flaming hell and… cried.
I revolt in evil ways, but couldn’t kill the flame inside.
Nobody knew my sin, the ways… i didn’t tried.

I knelt, I shouted my prayers… to my deaf wall
I waited in line to have the right to… crawl.
I slipped in blackest nights and blindly walked
Among blind dreamers, were nobody talked.

I erred and stepped uphill alone
I pushed myself desiring my hair be blown,
By winds I couldn’t reach or wasn’t mine,
But liked the way they gently caress and shine

But now i ask, am I at the point of walking end
Where beings start again a new ascend?
How di I know, if strayed ways i walked until today
Will rise me up again, and never lead astray?

Will I find the place were i wouldn’t need to wait
The simple way to fly, by thinking straight
The lead directly to the top, to the divine?
A track i left sometime behind that’s simply… mine!

Will i know my place, Will I know my home
Will i find what’s white in oceans foam?
Why birds have wings, why ant are small
Will I remember to become the whitest tree
                                                of them all?




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