Underwold 4 screenplay (not Awakening (2012)) – fanmade

21 01 2012

Underworld… is 4 you

                     Monsters Unleashed


Vlad Dracula’s going to get rid of “the monsters”, as well as their real creators, the Ancients. For that he needs the help of Selene and Michael…  Will they be able get rid of the real monsters… the ones that lies inside?


    Dracula will try on his own to persuade Michael and Selene to join his side on his war against the ones responsible for the death of such powerful creature as the Egyptian half gods.
Having a pregnant girlfriend (Selene) Michael, is reluctant to aid, only to be forced into situations out of his control by… Selenes death. He will experience the inner monster he always avoided to be… those becoming an equal to Dracula, the one known in its youth as… “the Monster”.
Sometimes there’s no way out of the darkness, unless you have someone… who’d loved you enough to risk her own life, to call you out.
Who would you listen to that voice?

Click link Underworld 4 – underworld – unleashed monsters  to read it. Or right click /save as and download it.

For those who are interested a romanian screenplay version is coming soon.




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